About Exotic Diamonds

Through out the years in business, we were able to build numerous relationships with our clientele, including some of the top celebrities in the US.

Our approach to clients is unique and personal. Every project that we work on, we take the approach that make our clients feel important, respected, and receive exactly what they have envisioned. At Exotic Diamonds we put customer experience as a priority.

Exotic Diamonds has currently 2 locations, one in Houston, TX and another in Chicago, IL.

Meet Our Jeweler

Meet the founder of Exotic Diamonds, HOV The Jeweler. His journey began in 2013 working on growing his name through out the Chicago area. 9 years later, HOV has opened a custom jewelry store at 47 Oak Street in downtown Chicago. HOV The Jeweler values his passion as well as helping people create what you’re looking for. Passion drives results and highest quality which is why Exotic Diamonds team has set the highest standard for their craft.


The Brands We Work With

Our Work

Every day we push the limits of design, precision, and the quality of our service.